Kokedama Class



Kokedama is the Japanese gardening art of growing plants in balls of moss. Moss has long been used in Japanese zen gardening and bonsai as it symbolizes harmony (wa) and represents one of the most delicate and beautifully symbiotic sides of nature.


In this one-day class, you will learn about the Japanese philosophy of moss and kokedama and make your own unique kokedama using rare plants organically grown in California, fresh sustainably harvested moss, and traditional materials imported from Japan. 

All plant materials and supplies are included.

Location: THE AO Studio, Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
Dates: Sat Dec 7 & Sun Dec 8 at 1:30pm
Limited spots available per seating

Carefully packed

Our plants are packed by hand for optimal shipping. Heat packs are available to prevent frost or cold damage.

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All plants are shipped out on Mondays and Tuesdays to reduce any weekend delays. We use Priority Mail for 1-3 day shipping to ensure your plant arrives healthy.

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"Was very well package healthy rooted plant. Was very helpful and quick response with my question. I would buy again from the seller. Thank you." 
—Nico Zarra