Rhaphidophora tetrasperma


RHAPHIDOPHORA TETRASPERMA (Mini Monstera, Philodendron Ginny, Split Leaf).

This is a super rare find. You will be the envy of everyone on Instagram. Everyone wants one, but you can't buy this anywhere!! This raphi is the hottest plant at the moment, and impossible to find. I had to go through so much to get my mother plant. Now I'm cutting it up so you guys can have some!

Easiest way to start your own Rhaphidophora without importing from a foreign country or spending a fortune.

Although it’s called mini Monstera, it’s not in the Monstera genus at all. It gets split leaves (fenestrations) on the small leaves. Gorgeous and can be trained up a pole/trellis if desired.

Good in bright to medium light. Not for low light (try pothos instead)!! It will grow faster in brighter light. Do not overwater! Let it get a little dry between waterings.

These are plants with 5+ leaves in a 3-4" pot.

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—Nico Zarra